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Edition 26 - 27 April 2021

Featuring - Jo Lambert, Darrio Penetito-Hemara, Tracey Maisey, Helen Skinner, David Robinson, Mike Bignall, Lisa Gestro, Sharon Shea, Geoff Esterman, Stacey Shortall, Peter Crampton, Josh Wharehinga, Alistair Humphrey and Vanessa Weenink

Edition 25 - 12 April 2021

Featuring - Lynette Laing, Phillipa Blakey, Ruth Large, Kyle Forde, Jensen Webber, Mel Smith, Joanne Gibbs, Ashley Bloomfield, Robyn Shearer, Sir David Skegg, John Tait, James Fingleton and Melissa Simpson


Edition 24 - 29 March 2021

Featuring - Josephine Aumea Herman, Ganesh Nana, Zoe Brownlie, Benjamin Bopp, Martin Hefford, Sally Dalhousie, Nigel Trainor, Avataeao Junior Ulu, Earl Gasparich, Brent Pattison and Luke Bradford

Edition 23 - 15 March 2021

Featuring - Hinemaua Rikirangi, Lorraine Hetaraka, Andrew Connolly, Karen Mitchell, Pete Hodgson, Vince Barry, Mark Cox, Robert Scragg, Hinemoa Elder and Matt Shand

Edition 22 - 1 March 2021
Featuring - Cathy Stinear, Helen Robinson, Arthur Bauld, Sarah Dowie, Lisa Gear, Pooja S
ubramanian, Mary Alice Simon, Sir Peter Gluckman, Juanita Ryan and Carlton Irving

Edition 21 - 15 February 2021

Featuring - Ashley Bloomfield, Maree Sheard, Curtis Walker, Hayden Wano, Sunny Collings, Karen Orsborn, Jennifer Pelvin, Anil Nair and Luke Bradford

Edition 20 - 1 February 2021

Featuring - Sir Harawira (Wira) Gardiner, Kiriana Bird, Wayne Woolrich, Parekotuku Williams, Markus Melloh, Lexie O’Shea, Peter Bramley, Gary Thompson, Cathy Stephenson, Evan Davies, Phil Jamieson and Samantha Gray

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